This project was a little frustrating as it went on… I sometimes forgot where I was at and did not feel the same level of concentration and meditation as the day before. Above all things, it the most difficult was feeling inspiration from day-to-day. I felt like I never ever EVER feel when I am doing something I love a.k.a art. Going from my nose to my mouth was wonderful, going from my mouth to my chin was super, going from my chin to my eyes? Well, let’s just say I erased and smudged on more charcoal to the eye area a little more than 11 times.

They were too small in the beginning, then they were too large, the highlights were off, and then my personal favorite, my pupils looked dilated like I had just smoked a joint. Any-who, creating my eyes was one of my biggest challenges during this project. I felt like I was running out of time and that I could never get them right.

This is where acceptance takes its role. I had to accept my eyes- though they did not look like mine in an exact way- they did represent my eyes. During the critique I was super nervous about what people would think about my portrait, but in the end the comments I received were so lovely- thank you! It made me feel so much better about my work when someone said that my portrait carried my spirit with it.