I just love this. Reverting back to the creativity you were once allowed to express as a child is almost therapeutic. Really and truly I had absolutely no idea what mystical animal I was going to make… so instead of planning like I normally do I just let the materials lead me to ideas. My animal was making itself so to speak and it was one of the coolest things to see progress.

The materials used in making my tiny animal were mainly as follows: yarn… lots of yarn, styrofoam, sewing needles, buttons, sewing thread (embroidery), and velvet fabric.

At first they were just materials, but they became so much more as time progress… they formed a character with feelings and a soul. I stitched on a heart because I sensed my tiny animal had a big one. I added the eyes and a tail… and lo and behold Comfortus was created. I think that characteristics of myself were mirrored into my tiny animal… it was unintentional, but they appeared regardless.