As I was working to figure out what enthusiastic and controlled visually look like I used my synonyms as a reference. I thought about the order of controlled and how things that appear ordered on the outside really are brimming with the need to let loose. Then I thought about my enthusiastic friends and how fun and silly they are.

This really enabled me to come up with an outline of what these two antonyms look like on paper and out in the world. I wanted to create images that express controlled as: square, order, and a bit of wanting to be more like his neighbor enthusiastic. I wanted to express enthusiastic as: wild, never ending, fun, and a little bit too loosey goosey… wanting to be a little more reserved like his neighbor controlled. This is how the image turned out.
Later when it was time to find or create an image that appeared in real life I turned to my knitting yarn for enthusiastic and to rows of ink pens for controlled. I think that both of these images portray what I was looking for.

Knitting yarn because: vibrant color, swirly shapes, and the idea people have of knitting yarn in their head (reserved)

Organized Pens: observing my mom gave me this idea- she always has her desk organized to a T and her pens are organized just so. However in my picture I have the pens slightly off-center and not color coordinated… this would drive my mommy UP. THE. WALL.