So here comes an attempt of an eloquent explanation of my piece:

I chose the prompt- “Make a garden. No flowers,” and my thoughts were to create a personal and delicate representation of a garden of lost memories,objects,promises, senses, and places. Whether they be ideas, fragments, or objects my intent was to link them together in an intricate way-which in my mind means memories or pieces of memories-like how a time/place/thing in my past smelled/looked/felt like. I believe the overall gist of the composition leaves the viewer not completely understanding how these things are connected, but then again there is some level of knowing that they are linked in time and in some personal recess of the mind.

* sorry the pictures are so blurry, my hands would not stay still!

Idea for a project prompt- Recreate your memories of sensing/witnessing something monumental on a small scale: sky’s the limit.

* I am so sorry that I do not have pictures for these works!

I adored each and every special project that was presented on Monday! Everyone had something unique, beautiful, and extremely personal about their work, and experiencing them sequentially was all together– moving.

A few of the projects that caught my fancy and admiration were Polly, Alexandria, and Meghan’s recreations of distinct memories of a particular house in which they have lived, Elle’s cyborg self-portrait, and Bethany’s astonishing representation of flying vs. falling.

Polly I especially admired how you incorporated fabrics into your project to represent fabrics of wallpaper and furnished chairs! I also thought it was visually strong how you utilized the back of a canvas to frame your piece- it made me think of a window.

Alex I love love loved how your unique imagination was incorporated into your project. The drawing takes me to a happy place, and I believe that when art is able to do that the artist has achieved wonders.

Meghan your recreation of the beach house also took me to another place in my memory! Your project was centered around fragments of your memory about the beach house and I think above all other things about your project, the way you rendered them was my favorite part.

Elle your drawing was visually intriguing to me because A.) I love otters and B.) you drew so softly and it really emphasized characteristics about yourself and your otter pal. Also it is almost paradoxical because when I think of cyborgs I think of steeled, scary robots, but your interpretation is light and playful!

Bethany I really enjoyed seeing your thought process come to life on canvas and paper! The idea of falling vs. flying was very thought provoking and how that idea was portrayed in your piece just is visually brilliant! My favorite aspect of your project is the sense of freedom and “out of the boxness” the canvas vs. “falling” sheets gives.