Alrighty then, blind contour is not the easiest of tasks, however once I got the hang of it I found a certain therapeutic quality in “drawing with one’s mind” … if you will. I especially enjoyed creating blind contour drawings of hands!  Never in my life have I examined my hands so meticulously, but by observing every crevice and line I was able to draw my hands without looking at the paper. I will admit at first I caught myself glancing at the paper, but soon the uncertainty and uncomfortableness withered away and I was able to take a leap of faith. I love the abstraction of everyone’s blind contour drawings– there is a rawness and pure quality that cannot be ignored in these.

Plus, the fact that I was nibbling on a delicious cookie in between drawings helped my stress level dwindle  by a substantial amount.

Drawings one and two were completed in class and drawings three through five were drawn outside of class- I chose big colorful markers- because they make me happy. Although I believe the black sharpie created a bolder look.